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Monday, January 12, 2015

As Seen On TV Copper Wear Review

As Seen On TV Copper Wear Review

Link to my review on Amazon:




***My Personal Review***

For this review I received the ankle compression support - I chose the ankle because a few years ago I fell and fractured both of my feet but my right foot was pretty severely fractured and in a cast for months.  I am overweight but I am also a cheerleader for our local Derby girl team.  Which means dancing, running, and on my feet all night for the bouts.  So I need something that will really help me keep from hurting my foot again.  This was a great support item - it was lightweight and yet sturdy, and much easier to use and wear than wraps because the heel is cut out.  It doesn't go very far up your leg so I can wear it and it barely comes above my shoes so no one can tell :)  And it gives you just the right amount of compression without leaving marks and becoming painful.  I really love it and they also have supports for your knees and elbows, so anyone who has pain or has injured themselves will greatly benefit from any of these products.  There are many sizes too, and you want to pick one that will be snug but not too tight:

Elbow - MED(10 1/2"-12"), LG(12 1/2"-14"), XL(14 1/2"-16")
Knee - MED(15 1/2"-17"), LG(17 1/2"-19"), XL(19 1/2"-21"), XXL(21 1/2"-23")
Ankle - MED(12"-13"), LG(13 1/2"-14 1/2"), XL(15"-16 1/2"), XXL(17"-18 1/2")


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