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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Ultra-Grip Yoga Towel Review

Ultra-Grip Yoga Towel Review

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***My Personal Review***

Yoga and other exercises are very difficult for anyone in the beginning, and even in air conditioning you will sweat.  And of course when you are using the yoga mats at the gym or elsewhere you can just imagine all the other people who have done the same thing and how many germs and bacterium are on them.  YUCK!  But you can help keep those germs away by using a yoga towel over the top!  Basically you just roll this towel on top of your regular yoga mat and get down to exercising!

This towel is amazing for almost any purpose even though it is made for Yoga.  It is lightweight and will roll up into a small ball so that it will easilyl fit into yoga bags.  The nicest part is you can use it ANYWHERE.  Use it even without a mat to keep yourself from slipping on a surface or take it with you on vacation :) 

You can see just by looking at the pictures how soft and smooth this towel is, which makes working out much more comfortable and of course gives you that extra softness so that you can work out with at least a little less pain. And it is 72" long so it will accommodate almost anyone even the tallest people :)  Go check out Flo Athletika on Amazon today!

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