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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

FM Transmitter HB01

FM Transmitter HB01

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***My Personal Review***

The thing I like best about this transmitter is that it is small.  It has cords on both sides so you are not limited to a small area and it is easy and simple to install and use.  And also easy to just take out and switch cars.  I have an old iPod that I haven't been able to use in years because I could not afford to get something like this.  And I have had some in the past that were not this brand and they stopped working pretty quickly so I gave up.  But I like that this seems to be much sturdier and more high quality than the ones I was paying so much money for.  All you have to do is plug the bottom part into the cigarette lighter in your car and plug the jack into the port on your tablet, phone, mp3 or mp4 player and switch it to a channel that works best without interference.  Once you have that done your music will come through your car speakers clearly and you can adjust the volume on your radio just like you would with the regular radio or CD.  It is small, handy and sleek and that is great because most of them are bulky and take up too much space.  Grab it now on Amazon for just $17.99 :)

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