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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Serving Bowls, Set of 5 Dessert Salad Mixing Bowls

Serving Bowls, Set of 5 Dessert Salad Mixing Bowls


***My Personal Review***

I love bowls!  LOVE bowls!  Seriously - I am always losing them to my daughter for her toys so I am always searching for new ones :)  I love sets that fit together and have lids and this fits both of those criteria.  PLUS these are nesting bowls meaning that they all fit nicely and neatly inside each other and the largest one holds over 200 fl oz - it is huge.  I would say bigger than most mixing bowls.  The smallest one would be perfect for storing leftovers from a small meal.

These are perfect for salad because you can mix it with the lid on and just shake.  The lids each have a tab on the side for easy removal.  They are hard plastic bowls, not bendable and very sturdy from what I have seen so far.  They are made to keep your food fresh longer and we all know that it is difficult to keep salads fresh.  Check them out on Amazon - the pretty green color is vibrant and adds a nice look to any kitchen :)

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