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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Set of 5 Lunch Box Container Food Storage Bento Box

Set of 5 Lunch Box Container Food Storage Bento Box


***My Personal Review***

Awesome set for pretty much anything - not just lunches.  These are able to be frozen, they are dishwasher safe and they are leak-proof.  You get 5 boxes with 5 different colored see-through lids.  They are portioned so that you can get control with your diet and/or keep your food separate so you can have a saucy food that won't leak onto the others and ruin them.

This is a great set that all fits together in a neat little bundle for easy storage.  This can work for a whole family - with 5 boxes you can pack everyone's lunch for school or work easily and quickly.  I recommend picking up a set of these as they are awesome and I love having them around.  When I have to be on the go and my daughter has food not eaten because she will let it sit forever, I just put it in one of these and take it with us.  They are dishwasher safe and the lids fit snugly but are not hard to get off and on.  Great set of lunch boxes :)

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