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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Car Garbage Bag by DRIVE

Car Garbage Bag by DRIVE
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***My Personal Review***

This is possibly one of the best items I have gotten, my car is such a mess and my 9 year old just throws everything everywhere.  So this has been a great addition to the car - I can put it in the backseat and she will throw stuff away in it rather than on the floor.  It makes clean up easier for me too because of the bags.

I received the one with the black strap but they also sell pink and green strapped ones as well.  It's not very large so it doesn't interfere with leg space but it's large enough to hold paper and tissues :)  I really like it, I would like to have another one for the front seat too!  I think anyone could benefit from this but especially those with kiddos cause we all know what a mess they can make!  You receive 20 trash liners with the DRIVE logo on them to start and can always purchase more or you can use plastic bags or trash bags :)

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