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Monday, February 8, 2016

Anaiti Neck Firming Cream

Anaiti Neck Firming Cream


***My Personal Review***

With all the great skincare ingredients in this cream it will definitely yield celebrity skin results for everyone.  This is specifically designed for your neck area to help firm and smooth your skin without specialty treatments or plastic surgery.  Anaiti is a great brand that has a lot of wonderful skincare products, just look for the yellow rose with the logo on Amazon.  This will work on any skin type and has peptides and antioxidant properties to help your skin with many benefits like sun damage, aging, wrinkles and much more!  

This contains Matrixyl and Sesaflash, which "is a deep moisturizer created from the natural extraction of sesame seeds."  Something I have not heard of but definitely have been looking into!  The best part is that you can use this cream under your regular makeup and you can also use it with your regular skincare regimen on a daily basis.  You can't beat it, check it out now :)

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