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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

First Botany Clove Oil

First Botany Clove Oil

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***My Personal Review***

I have never tried Clove oil before, so this was new to me.  I know that cloves are great for a lot of purposes so I thought this would be great.  The first thing I noticed was the really nice design on the bottle - very cool and then you get a full 4 fl oz of therapeutic grade clove essential oil.  This is 100% pure and it comes with a dropper so that you can mix it with other oils or put it by itself into smaller bottles.  It does have a 100% money back guarantee as well, so there's nothing to hurt in trying it!


Now this was something that I wasn't aware of but apparently clove oil was something that helped to protect people from getting the bubonic plague wayyyyy back when.  Apparently they used clove oil with other essential oils which was pretty common for medicine in those days, but I didn't know that helped!  And if you read the news you should have heard that the bubonic plague still exists in America today in places where there are prairie dogs like the deserts.  So this can actually be a great thing.  Clove is also anti-microbial and they give you a recipe to help reduce or eliminate acne:  add 3 drops clove oil and mix with 2 tsp raw honey and apply to acne.  So try some of this now - plus if you use dryer balls - yet another use!

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