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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Fuzion Cookware Large Flavor Injectors

Fuzion Cookware Large Flavor Injectors


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***My Personal Review***

Are you a fan of artisan cooking?  Well then you will LOVE these!  These are flavor injectors for food.  They are plastic and you fill them up and insert them into food and squeeze them to inject whatever flavoring or filling you want into the food.  Cupcakes are one of the best ideas I can think of but you can use them to inject flavor into absolutely everything - steaks, shrimp, cakes ... the possibilities are endless :)

The holding container is about 1 inch long and about 1/3 inch around and so if you are using it for smaller items it will definitely inject a good amount of flavoring into your food.  I can't wait I want to try some raspberry filling into cupcakes!  And also the shrimp picture they showed gave me some ideas too :)  Very cool indeed!  Give them a try and make yourself look like a chef!

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