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Friday, February 26, 2016

Bearoy Car Back Seat Organizer with Tablet Holder

Bearoy Car Back Seat Organizer with Tablet Holder

Bearoy Car Back Seat Organizer with Tablet Holder

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***My Personal Review***

This is an AWESOME accessory that every kid needs to have in front of them when in the car!  My daughter loves to take her tablet with her everywhere and this is great because it gives her the space to put all of her accessories like a stylus, sippy cup and her cords all in one space.  The tablet holder will work with up to about 11 inch tablets so almost any that I know of on the market will work.  And that leaves a little space on each side but it will stay safely in the pocket and there is a charger plugin and headphone plugin hole at the bottom of the pocket.  So they can charge and watch at the same time easily :)

This organizer is made from very sturdy material and the pockets are all so nice and soft on the bottom!  My daughter loves this, she thinks it's great because she can watch her shows without having to worry about juggling the tablet.  Just be aware that you will most likely have to take the tablet out of a case to put it in the pocket.  Great item and will fit easily over any car seat for easy access for the kids :)

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