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Friday, February 26, 2016

Blackhead Remover and Comedone Extractor Tool Kit

Blackhead Remover and Comedone Extractor Tool Kit
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***My Personal Review***

I have wanted one of these kits for SO long so I was very excited to be approved for this promotion :)  This includes 5 dual-headed instruments for removing any kind of blackhead or whitehead pimple.  This is also a great set for removal of makeup that has been leftover to make sure your pores are completely cleaned.  I am honestly not sure what all of these utensils do yet but I can't wait to find out because I may be almost 40 but unfortunately I have the skin of a teenager which means acne, redness and all kinds of problems.  It is not fun but I always take care of my acne as soon as it begins - which is why this set is so awesome - because you can use the same tools as a dermatologist to clear up your acne problem.  Give it a look, comes in a nice black case and is very small so it can be taken anywhere with you even in your purse. 

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