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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Travel Mug

Travel Mug

100% Organic mug made with Bio-degradable rice husk material without any chemical additive, for long-lasting use. FDA-Approved and BPA-Free.
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***My Personal Review***

This mug is perfect for the on-the-go hot beverage drinker.  It is a 14 oz mug and it is made just like the cups you would get at a restaurant to go but the mug itself is made of 100% Organic rice husk material so that it will last a long time. It is also FDA-Approved and BPA-Free.  The mug has a nice lip at the top so you can drink without the lid as well.  It comes with a slip-resistant silicone sleeve that will definitely work much better to keep your hands from getting burnt by the hot drinks, and the lid is made of the same material so it's nice and pliable.  It has a tiny hole in the top for air to escape and also has the drinking area that is the exact same size as most styrofoam or paper cups.  All in all it's a very nice mug, I will definitely be using this a lot when I am on the go or even just at my desk to keep my drinks warm longer.  It is also very lightweight - it is not heavy like most bottles or mugs which is another plus :)  Check it out on Amazon!

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