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Sunday, February 14, 2016

New Ultra-Potency Super Probiotic From Premiva Review

New Ultra-Potency Super Probiotic From Premiva Review

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***My Personal Review***

If you haven't heard how good probiotics are for you yet, just start asking around or look it up online.  I truly believe that everyone can benefit from taking probiotics in some way.  They work for so many things but digestive issues are the biggest one as well as helping your immune system.  So think of it as helping keep away infections - like yeast infections which can occur pretty much anywhere including INSIDE your lungs or other internal organs.  That can be a terrible thing but it can be avoided so easily by "stocking up" as I would call it on the good bacteria in your body.  People who are on a lot of antibiotics may not realize that when those antibiotics work they are taking away not only the bad bacteria but also the good bacteria that fight off other infections and help to keep us healthy.  So taking this can help you in so many ways and it's one pill a day to boost your system a little.  Premiva has made a super probiotic that is extremely potent - with 30 billion CFU's in each tablet it really gives your body a kick.  And the best part is they are natural - you are basically replacing what is already in your body!  This comes with 60 tablets and it is recommended to take it twice daily.  I take it once a day and it works but twice a day would be much better.  This product does contain milk products so those with a lactose-intolerance should not take them.  Check them out on Amazon and see what they can do for you :)

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