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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

KUKPO 8-Piece Measuring Cups And Spoons Set

KUKPO 8-Piece Measuring Cups And Spoons Set
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***My Personal Review***

I am always having trouble finding measuring cups and spoons when I need them, so I really like that these come with the steel rings to hold them together.  This is a very nice set - made of stainless steel so no rusting or bending or breaking.  One thing I noticed is that the cups have pour spouts on both sides of each cup, making it SO much easier to pour liquids without spilling.  This set comes with the 4 main cups: 1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup and 1/4 cup; and the spoons are 1 Tbsp, 1/2 Tbsp, 1 tsp and 1/2 tsp AND they also show the mL conversions.  So 8 total pieces and they all have silicone grips covering the ends so they won't slip out of your hands.  The measurements are engraved into the steel which is great because you know it won't rub or wear off over time like so many sets do.  The handles on the cups do not come through the cup, they are welded on.  So there are NO holes in the cups at all no leakage.  Love this set!

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