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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sherman the Sheep Plush Toy

Sherman the Sheep Plush Toy

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***My Personal Review***

This awesome little toy should come with a warning label ... CAUTION PARENTS MAY BECOME ENAMORED BY TOY :)  I fell in love with this sweet little guy the minute I opened him!  It was really all I could do to hold onto it for a few days until she got home!  It really is SUPER soft and so cute, my daughter is not one for stuffed animals but she refuses to sleep without Sherman!  She got it a week before she went to camp for the first time and she made SURE that mommy did not forget to pack Sherman for her, she checked the bag as soon as we got to her cabin and put him right on her bed :)  Definitely loves him and there is no issue with hard parts, because he is all soft and sweet.  They have tons of animals to choose from, you can find your childs favorite!  I want to get her more of them, they are very high quality and well-made.  She is very hard on her toys and this one has been great so far :)

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