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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

100% Unrefined Africa Organic Shea Butter

100% Unrefined Africa Organic Shea Butter

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***My Personal Review***

This unrefined shea butter can be used in lotions or any kind of handmade skin item.  I have never made any of these, but it would seem as if this 1 lb block would go a long way and make quite a few products :)  For this promotion I received a full pound of raw shea butter.  The first thing I noticed when I opened the bag was how soft and smooth the butter was.  The shea butter block is inside a plastic baggie inside along with instructions.  I have purchased shea butter before but it was nothing like this.  It was in a small hard block and didn't melt.  This butter was unrefined so it was kind of like moon sand - it would come apart in your hands but would also stay together if that makes sense.  So I took a little bit and put it in the middle of my hands, then just pressed them together.  In a few seconds it started to feel warm and when I opened my hands the butter was melting nicely and I was able to spread it all over easily.  I rubbed it on my arms, my hands, and then tried rubbing a bit on my lips because that is the most dry area of my skin.  It felt SO good and smooth, way better than any lip balm I have ever bought.  And the wonderful nutty smell was just amazing!
However there is a notice on the package that this DOES come from a nut tree and therefore people with nut allergies should NOT use it.   So if you are intending to use it for making skin products you will want to make sure to include that notice on your packaging as well.  But for those who can use it, ahhhh it feels so good.  And it also states that if the butter starts to melt (you are supposed to keep it in a cool dry place) you can just put it in the fridge for 1/2 to one hour and it will harden back up.  I am certainly going to keep it and try to make some of my own lip balms with it!  I can't wait to use it more and more and share it with everyone I know :)  If I can keep this smell around me all the time I would be sooo happy!

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