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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Galaxy S6 Edge Case

Galaxy S6 Edge Case

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***My Personal Review***

It may be just artificial leather, but it looks so real and it is sleek and stylish.  I love the pink color but they have more to choose from!  This case is just for Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE 2015 Release but if you like this style you can check for other cases - I really love that this has the cutout on the front that will allow you to see the weather/time box without opening the phone case.

I think that box is one of the really great assets of the Galaxy phones.  The other thing I love about this particular case is the thread lines running down the back giving the phone a really edgy look.  This has all the necessary cutouts for your jacks and ports plus more as you can see from the images :)  For just $12.95 it's a great buy and a very sturdy case for your phone.

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