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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Eco-friendly Bikram Hot Yoga Mat Towel Super Absorbent

Eco-friendly Bikram Hot Yoga Mat Towel Super Absorbent

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***My Personal Review***

This towel is amazing for almost any purpose even though it is made for Yoga.  It is very lightweight so carrying it is no problem and rolls up easily so it will fit into any yoga bag or possibly your purse!  It is a great deal at just $17.50.  Basically you just roll this towel on top of your regular yoga mat and get down to exercising!  If you are like me and don't have any exercise accessories you have to use the facility mats and of course even though they are supposed to be sanitized after each use we all know that sometimes does not occur or is not sufficient.  This towel makes that a problem of the past!  With this towel you never have to touch that icky facility mat while working out!  Then you just take the towel home and wash it.  Doesn't get any easier than that folks!

You can see just by looking at the pictures how soft and smooth this towel is, which makes working out much more comfortable and of course gives you that extra softness so that you can work out with at least a little less pain.  And it is NOT a small towel - it is long enough to fit a fairly tall person and wide enough to cover the entire mat at a size of 24" x 72".  So honestly - there is NO reason to not go grab one or more of these up from Amazon right now and make your workouts less sweaty and difficult!

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