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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Salsa Dance Workout DVD Review

Salsa Dance Workout DVD Review

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***My Personal Review***

Are you ready to work your butt off and I mean that literally?  Then this DVD set is definitely one to try out!  And trust me, you will be worn out before the entire 2 hours is over and you will burn the next day but it is SO worth it!  I love to dance but I need someone to teach me and I don't like going to classes because I always feel so stupid.  These DVDs from SalsaCrazy are perfect because I can watch them anytime as many times as I want from the privacy of my own home - so that when I humiliate myself the only person to see it is my 8 year old :)  And Salsa is such a fun dance to learn and easier than a lot of the other dances.  I really enjoy the way the workout is done, so that they teach you each step one at a time and then show you how to put them all together and do the complete dance.  It's a great DVD and while you are grabbing this one check out all the other great DVDs from SalsaCrazy and get movin'!

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