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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Detangling and Soft Hair Brushes with CosmeticsBag Review

Detangling and Soft Hair Brushes with CosmeticsBag Review

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***My Personal Review***

I have been looking for brushes like these for SO long!  I have a daughter who is 8 and has Williams syndrome, and she has some pretty severe sensory issues when it comes to her head.  So brushing her hair in the morning or washing her hair is something I absolutely DREAD.  I have bought so many brushes at the store trying to find one that would work for her but to no avail.  But the pink one that comes with this set worked for her!  She still fusses but that is normal, the point is that it is gentle enough on her head to not cause a meltdown.  I use the large one for myself and I love the bristles, it does a great job of detangling my very thick hair.  I honestly think after using these that I might just be able to grow her hair long which would be amazing :)  Definitely works like a charm and I love the nice soft bag they come in.  The brushes are sleek and with their contours are very easy to grip and hang onto.  Would recommend this to anyone!

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