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Thursday, February 12, 2015

CanYouHandlebar Beard Oil Brush Review

CanYouHandlebar Beard Oil Brush Review

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***My Personal Review***

Made of horse hair and wood this is the perfect beard oil brush and can be used with pretty much any beard oil.  The bristles themselves are pretty soft and don't cause any irritation, it's small and lightweight so you can throw it in your bag and go.  It's nice because it has short to long bristles and they are staggered so the oil gets into even the little crevices that might be in your skin, giving you an all-over brushing and doing the perfect job.  If you are using dry oil you just twist the brush in the oil and use ... if you are using another type of oil you only need to dab some on the brush and use.  They recommend combing through the beard after use to ensure you get all the oil everywhere and then sculpting your beard into whatever form you want :)  Great product and check out their other products while you are on their website!!!  They have everything you need for beard and moustache care and control.

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