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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Xnucol Ultra Bright Focus Adjustable Flashlight

Xnucol Ultra Bright Focus Adjustable Flashlight


***My Personal Review***

So far I really like this flashlight.  It is very sturdy and heavy, I would say it weighs about a pound total.  It's a small flashlight, only about 6 inches in length.  So perfect for small areas for storage.  This takes 3 AAA batteries and they are easy to install as you pull out the battery area and they are snapped into place.  This flashlight is unique in that it has an adjustable focus so that you can focus in on smaller places and get the light exactly where you want it.  You just twist the light end of the flashlight and it screws on and off, giving you leverage for what you need.  I really like how bright this is - when we lose power at my apartment there is absolutely no light whatsoever because we are back in a dark area.  So having a good flashlight handy is a great thing and a must-have.

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