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Sunday, August 14, 2016

IForaa Universal Magnetic Air Vent Car Mount

IForaa Universal Magnetic Air Vent Car Mount

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***My Personal Review***

You can't beat these for the price.  You get 2 phone mounts that are sturdy and VERY magnetic.  In fact the magnets are so strong that I held them off the desk about 1/2" and it attracted the metal pieces immediately.  The nice part is that these are not permanent - because they insert into your car vent, they are very easy to remove with no sticky stuff left over and you can also move them from vehicle to vehicle with ease.  Check to make sure you have a compatible phone, it will work with most.  One thing to remember is that unless you attach the metal pieces to the back of your phone case, the case might hinder the magnetism and cause your phone to not stay on the mount.  Very large and heavy or bulky cases can cause this to happen.  But if you really want to keep your case just attach the metal piece to the back and it will work with the mount.  Check them out!

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