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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Grillinator Utility Tote & Firewood Log Carrier

Grillinator Utility Tote & Firewood Log Carrier


***My Personal Review***

This tote was actually built for carrying firewood and logs so it is very sturdy and well-formed.  It has double strapped handles on the top and the flaps fold down over the sides so that you can fill it easily.  However, I find that this bag is so much more than just for logs ... I am using it for carrying grocery bags.  It's the perfect size for carrying a lot of bags at once so I don't have to make many trips.  Honestly though this bag could be used for anything you need - sports equipment is one, but another I thought of are people in direct sales because they have to carry a lot of things to parties - this is the perfect bag for all of that.  So many uses and it's definitely strong enough to handle a large amount of weight.  Great for camping though, you can easily go grab some firewood and carry it back without scratching your arms up.  Check it out!

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