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Friday, August 26, 2016

Magnetic Screen Door

Magnetic Screen Door



***My Personal Review***

Great item to have if you have an outdoor patio or are outdoors a lot during the summer.  This is a mesh door that you stick around your door and it stays closed using magnetic strips in the center.  So you can just push through the mesh and it will swing closed again.  This is nice for animals or children to be able to get in and out while you are having a picnic or barbeque.  Very good way to not have to open a door each time you want to let your pet outside!  The mesh is pretty heavy and the magnetic strips are thick.  The edge of the screen is held in place by attaching velcro strips to your doorframe and then attaching the screen using the built in velcro strips.  The best part is that it is not a permanent attachment to your doorframe and you can remove it as needed. 

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