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Wednesday, August 17, 2016




Do you love snacks and candy????  Do you like to sample new flavors and tastes?  LOVE Japanese????  I started getting Japan Crate 3 months ago, I just received my third crate today and I have not been disappointed in ANY of it so far!  Each month you receive 13 snacks with the Original for just $25 a month (less if you do a bulk subscription).  You pay on the first of the month and by the 10th it is usually at your doorstep!  With each crate you get a manga-zine with a manga comic strip, descriptions and pics of all the items and a step-by-step for the DIY candy. 

The crate shown in the picture above was the first crate I received - June 2016.  I loved it and it had several chocolate items in it - you will notice that in the hotter months they don't send as many chocolate products because they can melt.  But every month I have been so pleasantly surprised with the range of flavors.  You get sweet, savory, chocolate, hard candies, chewy candies - just a lot of goodies to try!  Each one is hand-picked by Japan Crate's people to go in the box and every month is so different. 

I have had a few favorites over the past few months - the PaiCro Butter Croissant crunchies were AMAZING!!!!  So much so that I am ordering some packs online because they were so good :)  I also enjoyed the dark chocolate KitKats and last month they had some milk chocolates that were awesome.  I can't even remember all the goodies because you get so many - I still have some from other crates that I haven't eaten because I want to savour every moment!  I have been ordering the Original crate which gives you 13 items each month, 1 of which is always a DIY set.  If you go Premium you will get a few more items including a drink and I believe a rotating small toy. 

This month I received a DIY experimental drink, Taro crunchies, pizza flavored texas corn, mamesupi chips with a pea flavor, veggie crackers, star-shaped candy, chewy candy, a powdery bottle candy, a chocolate biscuit and some matcha flavored puffs.  I already opened the taro puffs and they are pretty good - wasn't sure about the taro flavor until trying it but it's very good!  So that's a pretty sweet amount of goodies right????  YES!

Check out my pics below to see all the goodies I received.  I just upgraded to Premium for September so I can't wait to see the extras I get next month :)



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