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Sunday, August 7, 2016

27-Piece Cake Decorating Tips Kit

27-Piece Cake Decorating Tips Kit


***My Personal Review***

I have always wanted one of these kits but just never got one.  They always seemed too expensive, but this one is really a great deal at a great price for just $10.00.  It comes with 24 different decorating tips so you have pretty much an entire set with those and then you also get 2 couplers and one sturdy reusable decorating bag.  I liked the bag because not only is it nice and heavy material, it's stretchy enough that you can really put pressure on it and it won't break.  The whole set together is perfect for all of your decorating needs and the tips being stainless steel means they won't rust on you.  Definitely a great set even if you are just a starter decorator like me :)

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