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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Shower Bouquet XL Lace Mesh Bath Sponges

Shower Bouquet XL Lace Mesh Bath Sponges


***My Personal Review***

I haven't used bath sponges in a while because I think a lot of them are so rough.  These have pleasantly surprised me - the lace is the key to these little beauties!  Each piece is 2 layers of mesh and the outsides are sewn up with lace edging.  SOFT lace edging.  You get 4 sponges - pink, purple, blue and yellow.  They are really vibrant colors and they have a nice ribbon attached to hang the sponge up when you aren't using it.  They lather up very nicely and they are soft on your body.  These are really large sponges too, I haven't seen these type before.  I recommend giving these a try :)

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