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Monday, August 15, 2016

Angle & Height Adjustable Rolling Laptop Desk

Angle & Height Adjustable Rolling Laptop Desk

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***My Personal Review***

While I do really like this table and it is pretty durable overall, especially the wood pieces - the one problem I noticed is that with only 3 legs it tends to tip backwards fairly easy.  If you have the front leg under the bed or couch it is much better because it can tilt but won't fall completely over.  I would suggest not putting drinks or plates on the smaller part just in case.  I also noticed that once I placed my laptop on the desk it made it much more stable because of the weight of the computer.  It does adjust easily, I have it at the lowest point because my couch isn't that tall but it can actually accommodate tall beds or couches.  It has the 2 pieces of wood on top so that your laptop won't fall off if you tilt the desk.  Overall it's a pretty good product, just make sure you test it out and make sure you have it stable before using it :)

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