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Friday, August 19, 2016

May Chang and Almond Stress Relieving Body Lotion

May Chang and Almond Stress Relieving Body Lotion
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***My Personal Review***

I wasn't sure what May Chang was until getting this product.  It gives off a really nice fruity scent with some sweet almond flavor.  It is a great bottle, you get 6.7 oz and you really don't need too much of this because it's nice and thick and just a pea size of it in my hands will coat my hands so much that I have to rub and rub.  I like that the bottle itself is amber glass, and the presentation is rustic by using antique style paper.  Very simple on the front - just the logo, name and type of lotion.  The back label does have directions and ingredients, one of which is shea butter - a VERY good skin product.  I really like the scent of this and it's not overwhelming at least not for me.  I would like to try some of their other flavors too.

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