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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Natural Shoe Odor Eliminator Giveaway

Natural Shoe Odor Eliminator Giveaway

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***My Personal Review***

For those of us who like to wear our shoes without socks it can be a rather stinky affair after a few days in the heat.  I have tried baby powder and other sprays and nothing really gets rid of the smell.  Some people who have infections or other problems that make their feet smell without doing anything and even if they are clean will love this product for their shoes!  It makes them smell so fresh and clean, like you have never even worn them :)  Much better than sweat and stains.  Plus this is all natural and the lemon mint smell is amazing!  You can also use this for your socks to give them a little boost before washing :)  I still use baby powder in my shoes to help stop the sweat but I use this when I come home to give them a chance to air out and stop smelling while they sit.  This is a much better choice than washing your shoes and wearing them out :)  Give it a shot and see what you think!

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