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Thursday, June 11, 2015

FSL Decimate Ear Protection Review

FSL Decimate Ear Protection Review

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***My Personal Review***

My daughter has Williams syndrome, and she has a lot of sensory issues mostly with her head area.  One of her biggest ones is extremely sensitive hearing, and I have to hold her ears when there is screaming or fireworks (which she loves) or other loud noises.  I have always wanted to get her a pair of ear protectors but instead I usually just keep her away from places.  But no more of that - I was THRILLED to get these for a promotion and these are way better than any other pair I could have imagined.  They have a nice tight fit around your head and they fit her at 8 years old but also fit me - so they can be worn by pretty much everyone.  They are hard to open up which is what gives them a nice snug fit over your ears and blocks out any noises.  She loves them and I can't wait for the Fourth of July and the fireworks this year!  I usually dread the fireworks but this year I can't wait for her to be able to watch them without crying or screaming while holding her ears :)

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