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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pimsleur Spanish 1 Language Learning Course Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Pimsleur Spanish 1 Language Learning Course Review


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Pimsleur Spanish 1

About the Product: Pimsleur Spanish Level 1 Language Learning Course
Learn Spanish w/Dr. Pimsleur's Rapid Learning Method, Featured on PBS. Hold Real Conversations! Beginner Spanish to Intermediate Fast! Press Play, Listen, Learn - 30 Lessons/16 Audio CDs
Learn Spanish on the Go with Pimsleur - In Your Car, On the Plane, Anywhere... No Books, No DVDs, No Software Required! Pimsleur Spanish Level 1 is the easiest & fastest course available to start holding Spanish conversations.
• Highly effective, 100% audio-based learning
• Based on Dr. Pimsleur's famous research. Learn the Spanish language simply by listening & speaking
• Perfect for travelers, business executives, students & anyone who wants to hold real conversations
• No reading, writing, memorization, textbooks
• Just 30-minutes/day!
• Easily download onto your mp3 player
• No software (unlike Rosetta Stone & Fluenz) The Pimsleur method is an audio-only approach unlike any other available. Its revolutionary scientific system allows you to lock language material in your brain after just one listen!Takes you from beginner Spanish to a basic intermediate level in thirty, 30-minute Pimsleur Spanish lessons - 16 hours of real-life speaking sessions on 16 Spanish language learning audio CDs.

• Initiate & hold face-to-face conversations
• Handle everyday situations - ask for information, directions, & give basic information about yourself
• Participate in casual conversations
• Avoid basic cultural errors & handle travel requirements
• Establish rapport with strangers in foreign countries
• Begin sounding out words with native-like pronunciation About Dr. Pimsleur: Dr. Paul Pimsleur was a legendary linguist at universities around the world. His world-famous, scientifically-proven Pimsleur method has helped millions of people learn new languages quickly & easily. Featured on PBS - Purchased by the FBI.

I took 4 years of Spanish in High School as well as 2 years in College, I used to be pretty fluent in it.  But after many years of not using it much I have gotten rusty and although I can still "entiende" (understand) a lot of it, it would be very hard for me to carry on a conversation in Spanish.  So when I started listening to the first CD I knew I would understand a lot more than someone who had no previous Spanish knowledge.  I am very impressed by the way the CD is laid out - the repetition of common Spanish words and then asking you to repeat them is great!  It will tell you a word or phrase like "Perdon" (Pardon) several times and then it asks you try saying it.  But then it goes on to break down the words to make them easier to pronounce.  So perdon was broken down into per and don and of course repeated several times giving you a chance to say it out loud.  And even though they go on to different phrases they will come back to what you learned a little while ago to make sure you remember it - repetition WORKS.


For those who struggle with English tenses, learning Spanish can be very helpful.  Because in Spanish each of their verbs is spoken differently depending on who you are speaking to or about.  Such as I, you (formal), we, you (informal).  There are 6 tenses total for Spanish and once you learn those 6 tenses you can pretty much transform any verb easily.  There are some tricky ones but this program does give you the tenses separately so that you can learn them one at a time.  It starts with the "I" tense.  The word "entender" (understand) would be "entiendo" in the "I" tense.  So Yo Entiendo Espanol would mean I Understand Spanish.  Tu Entiendes Ingles?  Do you understand English?  Amos/Emos is the tense that is used for us/we.  Entendemos Espanol.  We understand Spanish.  Once you get those tenses down it becomes MUCH easier to translate each word into the correct tense.  

This program features both male and female speakers and there are several so that you can hear the differences in their voices and accents.  In total there are 16 CDs so you would be getting a FULL course of Spanish in a very easy to understand and learn format!  This would be great for kids who may be struggling to learn a language for grade school, high school, college or even adults who want to learn a second language :)  Pimsleur also has a French course which I would love to get as well.  They did not offer French when I was in school and when I got into college I already had the good base knowledge in Spanish so I chose to stay in that.  I would like to be able to speak French as well though because I do a LOT of reading from the Victorian period as that was my degree in college and there are a lot of French phrases that I would love to be able to read :)  


Overall I am extremely happy with this set and I can't wait to continue re-learning Spanish and then passing it on to my daughter to learn!  I highly recommend this product for all ages.  This program is extremely easy to listen to anywhere including being able to download it onto your smartphone or mp3 player and listen while jogging or working!

***I received a complimentary copy of this product in exchange for an open and honest review - I received no other compensation*** 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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