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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Spent Lives by Mila Ballentine Book Tour, Personal Review and Giveaway!!!!

SPENT LIVES by Mila Ballentine

The Blurb:

François Laurent grew up in the shadow of what happened all those years ago and his life hadn’t been the same since. He tucked the memories of that day away in a dark corner of his mind, but hurtful things don’t stay hidden for long. His painful secrets resurfaced when a crime fragmented their charming town and François Laurent found himself in the midst of it all. As a result, he pursued Maureen Leatherby, the town’s kooky foreigner. She was always willing to assist patrons when the occasion arose, but it always came with a price.

My Review:

I loved this book!  I read it in 3 sittings because once I started I had a really hard time putting it down.  Francois is this mysterious character who returns to his son Wesley in the small town where his wife passed away and where many years ago his sister Fran disappeared without a trace.  The memory of his mother haunts Wesley but Francois is haunted not just by his wife but his sister and he seems to blame himself for her disappearance although we don't know until the very last pages of the book what happened to her and neither does he.  

Madame Leatherby is this awesome psychic but no one seems to like her, and even though she KNOWS things about Fran and other characters, she is creepy and people avoid her.  But she is without a doubt central to the story :)  

It's a very nice story set in a sleepy town, and I love how the bike on the cover is also part of the storyline because it is basically how Wesley and Patience meet.  But of course I am a literature major so when I saw the bike and read the blurb my first thought was that the bike could be seen as the past because it looks older but it can also be seen as the future or what is to come for them all.  And the title "Spent Lives" is perfect because that is exactly what most of these people have done - they have spent their lives doing nothing, living in and dwelling on the past.  But it is nice to see them start to live again in the book and begin moving on :)  

Overall I give this book 5 stars!  Definitely a must-read if you get the chance!  I can't wait to read Milas other books!

***I had my own copy of this book for the review and all thoughts are my own***


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  1. Thank you WS Momma Readers Nook for reviewing Spent Lives. I am glad you enjoyed the book as much as I enjoyed writing it.


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