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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Sound Intone G830 Stereo Gaming Headsets

Sound Intone G830 Stereo Gaming Headsets


***My Personal Review***

If you have a gamer then they will love these headphones.  These are a Sound Intone headset and I have tried several of their headphones and I love them all.  These are different because they are gamer headphones, they have a microphone so they are great for anyone who plays games online with Xbox or other platforms, they come with a nice braided fiber cord which is much stronger than regular rubbery cords.  Plus they have a volume control piece that is attached to the cord so you don't have to reach to adjust volume.  I like these because the yellow I chose looks like a bee and the inside of the headphones have a mesh honeycomb pattern on them, and the microphone safely tucks away inside the set so it can't break off when they are not in use.  These are also adjustable and they are cushioned along the top of the head so they are really comfortable to use for long periods of time :)  Definitely check out all the styles that Sound Intone has to offer because there are styles and colors for everyone!

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