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Monday, December 7, 2015

Excellent Quality 5 Sharp Blades Herb Scissors

Excellent Quality 5 Sharp Blades Herb Scissors

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***My Personal Review***

Do you grow your own herbs?  If you do and you don't have a pair of scissors like this then you definitely need to get a pair!  These are something I have never had or seen before, so I was quite surprised when I opened the box and saw the 10 blades that cut like magic.  And they don't just work for herbs, they will work for pretty much any food or use in the kitchen which is great.  Even if you don't grow your herbs but like to use fresh ones in your foods, these are great for chopping and mincing them as small as you want.

They are sturdy and well made with strong bolts that won't come apart on you.  I wasn't sure I would like the lime green color but actually I really like it a lot.  This pair of scissors also comes with a little extra goodie which is a comb - you use it on herbs to weed out the bad parts and/or make them soft and pliable.  Another new one on me!  You get both for just $11.99 so pick up a pair today :)

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