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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Portion Control Containers Review

Portion Control Containers
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***My Personal Review***

If you are on a diet then portion control is very important.  This set consists of 7 containers that are all color-coded according to whether they are for vegetables, snacks, fruits, proteins and carbs and even seeds/dressings so that you can control what you are eating.  You get 2 of the smallest containers which are for seeds and dressings; 1 blue container which is for fats and cheeses; the yellow which is for carbs; the proteins container which is red; a purple fruit and a green vegetable container.  So you can schedule and pack your meal easily and quickly because when the container is full that is the limit for that item.  I just found out I am Diabetic so I am going to try this system and see if it works for me, and it is inexpensive compared to the 21-day fix which from what I understand has containers like these to set up your meals.  The containers are supposed to be 100% leakproof, I have tried a few of them and have not had any leak yet, the lids fit pretty snugly.  And when you aren't using them they fit nicely into each of the 2 largest containers to save space. 

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