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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Skenda 12pc Kitchen Knives Set

Skenda 12pc Kitchen Knives Set

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***My Personal Review***

I have been wanting a knife set like this for a long time.  I really like the fact that they come with the blade protectors especially since I have a child who loves to get into things.  I needed some good knives and this set has impressed me so far.  The knife ends are comfortable and make it easy to hold the knives and they are non-slip.  Each one is a different color and they range from a large Santoku knife to a small paring knife.

I had to look up a Santoku knife and apparently it is a Japanese knife that is used mostly for mincing and dicing very small pieces.  But I love the bread knife, it works great and the paring knife has been superb for slicing potatoes as I am very clumsy.  They clean up easily, I throw mine in the dishwasher.  I also like the fact that their blades are supposed to be antibacterial which is perfect for cutting meats which carry bacteria all the time.  With 6 pieces to this set you should be able to find a knife for all your needs.

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