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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Self Inflatable Outdoor & Travel Pillow

Self Inflatable Outdoor & Travel Pillow


***My Personal Review***

This inflatable pillow is great not only because it is very easy to inflate but also because it deflates and fits into a nice small bag for travelling.  It has a nice soft piece inside that becomes a great place to lay on when inflated.  It is about the size of a regular pillow which is great since travel pillows are normally so small.  It is made of polyester and has a backing made of waterproof PVC so it's great for anything from camping to laying on the couch.  Size is 20 x 12 inches when inflated.


Basically you just take the bands off the bag, take out the pillow, unroll and unscrew the valve a little and start blowing into the valve.  You will instantly see the pillow blow up and it only takes a minute or two in order to fully inflate the pillow.  Once it is inflated, simply screw the valve back on and put a cover over the pillow!  I found it very easy to use, and deflating was just as easy - just open the valve and start from the opposite end and roll up while letting the air out.  Once finished pack back in the bag and go!

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