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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Scratch-Off Interactive World Map by Info-Globes

Scratch-Off Interactive World Map by Info-Globes


***My Personal Review***

This is possibly one of the coolest products I have ever received.  So it looks like a regular map - it has everything on it including the legend, continents and oceans.  But the best part is that it is a scratch off map - yes as in scratching off a lottery ticket.  It comes on a heavy piece of glossy paper and you can hang it anywhere.  The background is black and the scratch off areas are a yellow-orange color.  You just grab the scratching tool that comes with the set and carefully scratch off whichever area you want.  The top part that you scratch off is just plain and has the name of the country or continent and then maybe a few other details.  When you scratch it off it reveals a cute picture pertaining to wherever it is.  Like in Antarctica I scratched off a bit and it revealed an iceberg.  The Galapagos Island part revealed all of the small islands underneath.  This also comes with a really cute gold metal compass that opens and closes.  This is perfect for any kid who loves to learn about the world and is also great for adults.  Everything can be scratched off including most of the legend at the bottom.

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