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Sunday, June 3, 2018

FREEWISE Personal Fan in Pink Review

FREEWISE Personal Fan Battery Operated Small 4 Inch hand held Portable USB Rechargeable 3 to 10 Hours Play Time 3 speed (Pink) Campaign

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***My Personal Review***

I am loving this fan.  I wasn't sure when I ordered it because I have used those ones you buy at the store and they never worked very well.  I was very surprised when I received it and it was nice and heavy and very well made.  It comes with a stand for sitting on a table or desk and the fan itself which has a nice handle for holding, and you also get a USB cord to plug into the fan.  So you can power it up and take it with you, or you can sit it on the desk and keep it plugged in.  Most smaller fans don't put out a lot of air but this one does!  It has 3 speeds and even on the lowest speed you still get a lot of air, so it's very nice to cool down.  This is not leaving my desk!!!  

I actually am going to add something ... I took this fan with me on a travel trip over the last weekend and I was SO happy with it!  I was sweating and wanted to lay down in the hotel and take a nap, I turned this little fan on next to the bed and it kept me cool!  I am very happy with it :)  It's going everywhere with me now, even in the car!

**I received a complimentary item in exchange for my honest review**

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