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Monday, June 11, 2018

Amelleon 6 Piece Set Large Capacity Packing Cubes Review

Amelleon 6 Piece Set Large Capacity Packing Cubes

Check them out HERE

Different colors, a few different sizes but a LOT of packing space, these bags are great for many purposes including travel, storage and more.  This set comes with 3 large packing cubes, a drawstring bag that is perfect for taking to the beach or using for toiletries when traveling.  I actually am using the smaller cube for all of my cables and plugs, I hang it right above my desk and I know where to go to find what I need :)  Works great!  These would also be great for packing a small diaper bag and having it ready to go when you go out the door.  Check it out :)

I wanted to try this product because I am not a very organized person, but I WANT to be.  I have an 11 year old daughter and it is very difficult to keep things straight.  Like with her Shopkins that she gets and doesn't play with, but I am keeping to make a wall mural for her - I plan on using one of these cubes to store all of them!  I can keep them up and away from her little hands which is even better :)

I honestly would recommend these to anyone, they are nice and sturdy but not heavy - plus they are collapsible so if you don't need them you can store them in a teeny space.  I think this will solve a lot of my problems and I actually used the drawstring bag last weekend when I took an overnight trip - I put all my toiletries in there and then I knew nothing would leak onto my clothes when they were in my bag.  Worked like a charm!

I didn't have any dislikes about this product - they are easy to store, easy to use and made of a nice sturdy but lightweight fabric - and all but 2 of the cubes have a mesh top so air can get through to whatever you have in the cube and keep it from getting moldy.  So these could be used for picnics or other foods or things you don't want to have airtight.  I would buy more of these, they are really great and I am going to use most of them in my closets to hold things - and then to add something you can just unzip a little bit and close it back up.  One thought I had was to use the hanger hack that I saw where you can take the cubes, hang them on hangers and then attach them together so that one was just overlapping the other.  Great way to save even more space.  Lots of ways you can use these and if you can think of more ideas please let me know in the comments!!!

You can check out pics of the cubes below:

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