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Friday, January 31, 2014

250 PLUS Book Giveaway!

250 PLUS Book Giveaway!

That's right! 250+ books up for grabs. Krystal and Rachel have been saving up books for this special occasion. Both of them are giving away 80 books to two winners and every day February, March April, and May there will be a special guest author giving away signed books. In total everyone receives 210 chances to win! Every day they will be updating this post so you can click on different authors if you missed someone. Be aware that if it's International most authors are sending the book via The Book Depository; if your country is available, then you're eligible. Here's the author schedule:

1st: Jessica Brody - Unremembered and Unforgotten (Int)
2nd: Michelle Gagnon - Don't Turn Around (USA)
3rd: Lissa Price - Enders (Int)
4th: Fleur Bradley - Double Vision: Code Name 711 (USA)
5th: Rhiannon Paille - Vulture (The Ferryman + The Flame #3) (Int)
6th: Sharon Biggs Waller - A Mad, Wicked Folly (USA)
7th: Mike Mullin - Sunrise (Int)
8th: Nina Berry - Othersphere (USA/Can)
9th: Jodi Meadows - Incarnate (USA)
10th: Lindsay Cummings - Murder Complex ARC (USA/Can)
11th: Elle Cosimano - Signed swag (USA/Can)
12th: Leanna Renee Hieber - The Twisted Tragedy of Miss Natalie Stewart (USA)
13th: Leanna Renee Hieber - The Double Life of Incorporate Things (USA)
14th: Kelly Hashway - The Monster Within (Int)
15th: Jennifer Echols - Dirty Little Secret (USA)
16th: Victoria Scott - The Collector (Int)
17th: Dan Waters - Generation Dead (Int)
18th: Emmy Laybourne - Monument 14 (USA/Can)
19th: Deborah Blumenthal - Mafia Girl (USA/Can)
20th: Carly Anne West - The Murmurings (USA)
21st: Maureen McGowan - Deviants (Int)
22nd: Maureen McGowan - Compliance (Int)
23rd: Julie Kramer - Delivering Death (USA/Can)
24th: Wendy Tyson - The Seduction of Miriam Cross (eBook) (Int)
25th: Tina Moss and Yelena Casale - A Touch of Darkness (eBook) (Int)
26th: Tracy Ann Lord - Good Catch (eBook) (Int)
27th: Karoline Barrett - The Art of Being Rebekkah (eBook) (Int)
28th: Margo Maguire - The Warrior Laird (Int)

1st: Leigh Bardugo - Shadow and Bone (USA)
2nd: Julie Murphy - Side Effects May Vary (USA)
3rd: Kristi Helvig - Burn Out (Int)
4th: Sam Angus - Soldier Dog and Hero (Int)
5th: Rita Williams-Garcia - One Crazy Summer and P.S. Be Eleven (USA)
6th: Jenny Hubbard - Paper Covers Rock (USA)
7th: Jessica Verdi - My Life After Now (USA)
8th: Jody Casella - Thin Space (USA)
9th: C.J. Redwine - Defiance (USA)
10th: Lili Peloquin - This Side of Jealousy (USA)
11th: Jennifer Smith - This Is What Happy Looks Like and The Storm Makers (USA/Can)
12th: Christina Farley - Gilded (Int)
13th: Louise Galveston - By The Grace of Todd (USA/Can)
14th: Laurie Stolarz - Bleed (USA)
15th: Denise Grover Swank - The Curse Keepers (USA)
16th: Polly Shulman - The Grimm Legacy (USA/Can)
17th: Rachel Vincent - Soul Screamers (vol 3 & vol 4) -- 3 copies! (USA/Can)
18th: Nicole Quigley - Like Moonlight at Low Tide (USA)
19th: Anne Applegate - The Last Academy -- 5 copies (USA)
20th: Lorraine Heath - When The Duke Is Wicked (USA)
21st: Natalie Whipple - Transparent (USA/Can)
22nd: Gena Showalter - Burning Dawn (Int)
23rd: Diana Lopez - Choke and Ask My Mood Ring How I Feel (USA)
24th: Anita Howard - Splintered / Unhinged flip ARC (USA)
25th: Shana Galen - Sapphires Are An Earl's Best Friend (Int)
26th: Heather Anastasiu - Shutdown (USA)
27th: John David Anderson - Sidekicked (Int)
28th: Rachel McClellan - Confessions of a Cereal Mother (USA/Can)
29th: Jennifer Nielsen - The Runaway King (Int)
30th: Julie Halpern - The F-It List (USA)

1st: Elizabeth Richards - Phoenix (Int)
2nd: Jessica Spotswood - Star Cursed (USA/Can)
3rd: Dave Massey - Torn (USA)
4th: Dianne Dixon - Lies You Want to Hear (USA)
5th: Erin Bow - Sorrows Knot (USA/Can)
6th: Dorine White - Cleopatra's Legacy- The Emerald Ring (USA/Can)
7th: Virginia Kantra - Carolina Man (USA)
8th: Ned Vizzini - House of Secrets & Uncle Tumba (Never released before) (USA)
9th: Sophie Crockett - After the Snow and One Crow Alone (Int)
10th: Trish Doller - Where the Stars Still Shine (USA)
11th: Alecia Stone - Talisman Of El (eBook) (Int)
12th: Susan Elia MacNeal - His Majesty's Hope (USA)
13th: Tawna Fenske - Frisky Business (USA/Can)
14th: Polly Holyoke - The Neptune Project (Int)
15th: Leigh Ann Kopans - Solving For Ex (Int)
16th: Darren Shan - Palace Of The Damned and Brothers To The Death (Int) -- 3 winners!
17th: John M. Cusick - Cherry Money Baby (USA)
18th: Shana Norris - Surfacing (USA)
19th: Kristin Tubb - The 13th Sign (USA/Can)
20th: Lex Thomas - The Saints (USA/Can)
21st: Myra McEntire - Infinity Glass: An Hourglass Novel (USA/Can) 
22nd: Michael Grant - BZRK Reloaded (USA/Can)
23rd: Em Garner - Contaminated (USA/Can)
24th: Trish Cook and Brendan Halpin - A Really Awesome Mess (USA/Can)
25th: Ilsa J. Bick - Monsters (USA/Can)
26th: Susan Elia MacNeal - Mr. Churchill's Secretary (USA)
27th: Susan Elia MacNeal - Princess Elizabeth's Spy (USA)
28th: Susan Elia MacNeal - The Prime Minister's Secret Agent (USA)
29th: Erin McCarthy - Full Throttle (USA/Can)
30th: Dianne Dixon - Lies You Want to Hear (USA)

1st: Rachel McClellan - Fractured Light (USA/Can)
2nd: Rachel McClellan - Fractured Soul (USA/Can)
3rd: Rachel McClellan - Fractured Truth (USA/Can)
4th: Laurie Stolarz - Project 17 (USA)
5th: Laurie Stolarz - Deadly Little Secret (USA)
6th: Polly Shulman - The Wells Bequest (USA/Can)
7th: Gena Showalter - The Darkest Craving (Int)

Not only that...

The third winner in Rachel's giveaway will get a choice between a t-shirt, mousepad, or notebook with one of these designs:

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