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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December Giveaway: Le Creuset French Oven OR $325 Amazon Gift Card!

December Giveaway: Le Creuset French Oven OR $325 Amazon Gift Card!



Holistic Squid December Giveaway: 7 Qt Le Creuset French Oven OR $325 Amazon Gift Card 

A good Dutch oven is a Real foodie’s kitchen essential, yet these puppies are not cheap! I was blessed to inherit a smaller one (plus some other really great kitchen stuff) when I married my husband. I would love one of these 7 quart Le Creuset Dutch ovens from santa, so I’m going to give one away instead.
AND, since it’s the season of giving (and shopping) if you’d rather have cash for Christmas shopping, this month you have a choice – this beautiful piece of cookware OR its value in an Amazon gift card.
Le Creuset makes the classic Dutch oven – though they call it a French oven since the company’s French. Tomato-Tomahto – whatever.  It’s a really great, heavy-duty, multi-purpose pot. I use my Le Creuset for making roasts, stews, and my ever-favorite carnitas. What will you make if you win?
LeCreuset Collage

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