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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Over-Ear Rosewood Headphones

Over-Ear Rosewood Headphones


***My Personal Review***

I love headphones.  I keep extras on hand because I use them for work and for watching movies on my laptop while browsing the internet every night.  So comfort is very important to me and I don't use earbuds.  These are extremely comfy - they are very large which is great because I have a big head LOL.  But they also have very nice padded areas around the ears and head area.  Yes headphones are heavier than earbuds but these also cancel out a lot of background noise which is good for me.  And I use them when my daughter is in bed so I don't have to strain to hear my laptop.  I like the rosewood part of these headphones - it's classy and works for even work situations.

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