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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Leader Accessories Pet Sofa Cover Suede Coffee

Leader Accessories Pet Sofa Cover Suede Coffee


***My Personal Review***

My daughter is always eating on the sofa and it makes a real mess.  So when I saw these I decided to apply for one and see how it worked.  I love it!  I picked the coffee brown because it matches my living room decor and it is a much better color than my actual sofa.  It's all one piece and there are 2 flaps on each side for the arms.  So if someone drops something on the sofa it will not go down into the sides or back and it's easy to clean up.  You can take it off and wash it whenever which is awesome if you have pets or kids.  Definitely protects the sofa well and it's big enough for even a pretty wide sofa and still drop down over the edge.  Check them out :)

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