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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Oval Proofing Basket Set by Bread Story - 10 Inch

Oval Proofing Basket Set by Bread Story - 10 Inch


***My Personal Review***

This is a nice sized oval bread proofing basket.  Perfect for proofing loaves of bread that will go into a bread pan because it will keep the shape you want in the pan.  The basket is made of 100% rattan and comes with a nice fabric liner so you can use the basket for other things as well.  To proof your bread you just take the liner off, coat the basket with some flour, and then insert your dough.  Pull the liner over the top of the basket to cover the bread and sit in a warm place to proof.  When finished you can remove the dough and put it into a loaf pan to bake.  This is pretty easy to clean if you do it as soon as the dough is removed - you can scrape the bottom and then rinse with warm water and dry upside down on a warm area for a while.  I liked it, made my first loaf of bread for the first time in years and it turned out well.

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