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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

KabelDirekt 4-Port USB charger Review

KabelDirekt 4-Port USB charger Review

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***My Personal Review***

Great little USB charger, works like a charm for me, just plug the A/C Adapter into the wall and when the light on the charger turns green you are ready to go.  I plugged in my headset that I use for work - the blue USB cable you see in the pic above - and I checked my headset and it was charging :) 

You can see in the above picture, it's not plugged in yet so the light on the charger is not green.  Now check out what happens when it's plugged in :)

And it's on!  That's all it took :)  It's just an A/C Adapter that plugs into the charger's cord and it works instantly.  You can plug in up to 4 devices, but you have to remember that every device you plug in will also make them charge slightly slower because you are sharing the energy.  Otherwise, I think it's great - I have a daughter who has 2 old cell phones and 3 tablets that she uses to watch YouTube all day on, and that sucks the energy right out of them.  So this will be nice, I can use the little double-sided sticky pads to attach it to her little table and plug in all her devices to charge. 

The charger itself is nice and heavy, it weighs about as much as a cell phone so it doesn't just slide off the table or desk which is nice.  Overall I like the product and would give it at least 4 stars, it works great and it's compact so you could throw it easily into a purse or bag and go.  Definitely check out the link above!

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