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Sunday, December 4, 2016




***My Personal Review***

I have come to really love silicone baking ware and so this was awesome to receive!  The silicone mats I have never fit the baking sheet so this is perfect because now I have a very nice cookie sheet that will work with this mat and all others.  Love the color, it's a really pretty teal color and the sheet itself is very nice and non-stick coated.  The oven mitt is really cool, it's one I have never tried before but works great!  It's easy to use and not bulky.  The best part though?  The fact that while using the mat you don't have to use spray on the cookie sheet.  Whatever you make just slides right off the silicone and I hardly have anything burn on it.  It cleans up perfectly and you never have to worry about scratching up the cookie sheet.  Very nice set and perfect for a gift!

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