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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Aftermath Book (Holocaust Granddaughter's Memoir)

Aftermath Book (Holocaust Granddaughter's Memoir)


***My Personal Review***

This was not your typical Holocaust story.  I was really amazed at how it was written - Allison was the granddaughter of a couple who survived the Holocaust and her mother was actually born inside Bergen-Belsen after the liberation.  She tells the story of how her life was changed by knowing and ultimately caring for her grandparents (especially her grandmother Bubby) and how it affected the way she lived her life.  I loved the way it was written - not like a book - but just like a diary of how she felt, things she did and some quotes from important works that impact the storyline.  And all of this is done without apology - she doesn't apologize for her feelings which is great.  All of the stories about Bubby are just awe-inspiring.  Like stealing potatoes, being proud of the town Lodz where she lived in Poland, how she watched most of her family perish in the camps.  It's all just sad and yet amazing at the same time because she didn't let it affect who she was.  She raised her family, she told her story, she was proud of who she was.  And Allison is clearly very proud to be her granddaughter.  I loved the family pictures that were included, and also the pictures taken in Poland and Germany.  It all comes together in a way that will keep you interested and I literally could not put this book down.  I have never read a book quite like this and I now want to learn more about Allison and her family.  Highly highly recommend this to anyone. 

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